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CLHRD - A Unique College

CLHRD is an institution administered by AIM INSIGHTS (Academy for Intense Motivation for Identifying Natural Skills, Independent Growth, Humane Thoughts and Strategies), Trust which brought up the cause of human resource development and has propagated a thesis on human resource development itself, which has been presented to several thousands of teachers, professors, social activists and corporate executives during the last quarter of a century. This makes CLHRD more rare than unique in its scope for the intellectual development of any aspiring scholar.

The College for Leadership and Human Resource Development, which offers the BHRD course, is the first of its kind in the country.

There are a few values we hold very dear to us. Essentially, we are people-centred and towards being realistic in it, we believe in hard work and mutual acceptance. All our courses and programmes are those that are participatory and developmental in nature that asks for a commitment that is creative that results in relating to one another.

CLHRD also offers service to several institutions regularly. There are as much as about nine thousand students who belong to this institution who get benefit because of their institution's association with CLHRD.

The most important programme of CLHRD has been 'Facilitator Certification Course in Human Resource Development'. Till now 118 such courses have been conducted. A single semester course, it was attended by a total of about 3,111 participants. These have been nominated by corporate companies, NGOs, Universities, colleges and schools. The trained Facilitators, in turn, have been offering training to their own personnel. An equally important training programme that has been offered to thousands of college students is'FEEL Employable', a training programme that empowers a participant with specific skills for employment.


From inception, AIM INSIGHTS added passion for work to that commitment. That is why it was able to provide more than two thousand people from corporate companies, government departments and corporations, non-governmental organizations, universities, colleges and schools with conceptual support and developed skills. In the process, it has made them more efficient, effective and successful.

AIM INSIGHTS, the HRD Group has a 39 year old history. Established in 1975 as Student Orators' Forum of Action for training students in Mangalore in Public speaking and leadership, it became the Institute of Individual Development in 1986 for training teachers from Mangalore University area to offer training to students of its affiliated colleges. An Academy for Intense Motivation for Identifying Natural Skills, Independent Growth, Humane Thoughts and Strategies, with a training centre, was established in 1992 at Valencia Circle in Mangalore to offer training also to the corporates and the NGOs.

shivramkDr. Shivaram Karanth inaugurated AIM INSIGHTS by interacting with FEEL Junior training programme childrenIt was registered as a trust under Karnataka Societies Registration Act on 26 December 1991 bearing no. 90/91-92. AIM INSIGHTS was inaugurated on 01 November 1992 by late Sri Shivaram Karanth. AIM INSIGHTS was recognized as 'Institution for  Planning  and  Management' by Ed. Cil., Ministry of HRD, Government  of India on 13 March 1997. In its twelve years, it has made commendable achievements because of the participation of plenty of committed persons who believe in human resource development.

AIM INSIGHTS has an Intellectual Property Bank and accredited units of training and development programmes. It not only offers the intellectual property to its own institutions but also allows institutions, companies, NGOs and government organizations to borrow from its IP Bank.

AIM INSIGHTS is a service organization. However, there is no service offered by its employees or associates without remuneration. It has an employee strength of twenty two and all of them receive satisfactory salaries.

AIM INSIGHTS has 4000 sq ft at its present premises and intends to establish a campus at Kenrock Estate, Moodbidri.

It has an Honorary Director, Consultant Director-CLHRD CE, Executive Officers, Teaching Faculty and Administrative Staff.

As a service organization, it is committed to doing service to the society and has been offering human resource development training programmes free of cost to several sections of the society as well as departments of the government.

AIM INSIGHTS has never received any donation, neither any grant from any governmental agencies or private foundations or foreign funds. It has conducted training programmes and offered consultancy, and has supported itself through the decade. The organization's success is because of the teamwork offered by all its employees and honorary Facilitators.

After bringing up HRD as an important subject, AIM INSIGHTS was able to start College for Leadership and Human Resource Development (CLHRD) in 1999. This is the first college to offer Basics in Human Resource Development (BHRD) degree course.   AIM INSIGHTS also offers correspondence courses through College for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE) on subjects like Panetics, probably the only institution in the country which teaches this subject. CARAT, College for Action Research And Training, organizes training programmes in human resource development in-house as well as in other institutions; Through College for FEEL Holiday Studies (CFHS) it has been offering training programmes for children, aged between 10 and 16 and these are organized in association with schools and NGOs across Southern India.


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