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CFHS, a unit of AIM INSIGHTS, offers Programme Extension Centres (PECs) in different parts of the country to administer FEEL Holiday Studies.


A FEEL Holiday Study  product, after undergoing training and development of human resource for 250 days (1500 hours) in five stages, will be a mature personality, endowed with qualities of rational and emotional intelligence; able to relate to all others around including nature; competent to manage and organise activities connected with people, other beings and the rest of the world; skilled to be guided by principles of life that reflect a culture of concern and led to act upon to establish and belong to a humane and enlightened society.


FEEL Holiday Studies offer opportunities to the young to develop themselves into individuals visualized by the Holiday School through continuous activities organised by competent and resourceful Facilitators, by conducting experiential learning sessions at the established training centre, towards clarifying concepts and developing skills that will result in influencing the learner participant to be influenced to become more efficient, effective and successful thereon, without pain or suffering in the processes adopted.

The Concept

FEEL Holiday Study is a researched and field tested intervention to supplement the efforts of school systems, keeping in mind the unavoidable inadequacies of schooling as a resource development programme, with an intention to complement the structured teaching and learning processes adopted, with the understanding that these will continue to be so, and that many children deserve better training and development of their human resource which otherwise either remain underdeveloped or get destroyed, and the action plans of the intervention are more of innovations than experimentations.

The holiday interventions are designed in such a way that they will not compete with the existing school system, but instead, will provide additional inputs and make every participating child enjoy the traditional schooling better and get better results from it.

Streams of Interventions

Course Code: E01               FEEL Primer

Admissions open to students of class V and class VI.

Course Code: E02               FEEL Junior

Admissions open to students of class VII and class VIII.

Course Code: E03               FEEL Senior

Admission open to students of class IX and class X.

Course Code: E04               FEEL Major

Admissions open to students of class XI and class XII.

A Few Faiths

01.    Several skills that are necessary to life and living are not dealt with by the existing curriculum, which is overloaded with knowledge components, and an external intervention can take care of this without making any compromises on the existing curriculum.

02.    While the school gives a lot of importance to development of rational intelligence, there is very little done for the development of emotional intelligence. An intervention into this area is not possible for managements and teachers because of the existing structure of the curriculum.

03.    Innovation is the key to resource development and, despite schools taking interest in training teachers, it is impossible for the school system to alter and accommodate resource development programmes in the curriculum because of established systems and structures.

04.    Each student needs individual attention and guided or supervised skill development. Yet, the school system possesses neither the technical knowhow nor adequate and well trained resource persons with conceptual clarity and desired levels of skills developed as the systems concentrate on dissemination of knowledge and testing of its accumulation.

05.    School administration and teachers, despite their efforts, are inadequate to entertain necessary interventions for the development of personality of the individual students and an external intervention would be necessary to achieve this.

06.     School education as it exists today, though it does have its benefits, destroys the personal effectiveness of individual students and unless care is taken to deschool the student and disestablish the systems, both individuals and societies will disintegrate.

07.     Considering the total number of students involved and the attitudes of both parents and teachers, even though both are desirous of helping the students, all students cannot be offered supplementary training and development in an equal manner and measure.

08.     Though the world is full of good people, it is true that this goodness is not highlighted as much as the so called bad of the world. However, the small band of the good in totality is also doing unimaginable and unidentified damages. This is dealable for avoidance.

09.     Through an external intervention, whatever constrains may inhibit such interventions, clarification of concepts and skill development activities can become more effective because of the extensive research and experience support.

10.     While there is a need for developing the disadvantaged and deprived, they cannot be brought up unless the privileged are helped to develop within themselves an attitude of understanding with regard to the needs of the former and an external intervention should aim at this.

Skills To Be Developed

Apart from clarifying concepts, the training programmes aim at developing seven major skills - Social Skills, Team Skills, Learning Skills, Mind Skills, Communication Skills, Managerial Skills and Organisational Skills.


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