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  1. BHRD – A Composite Graduate Programme - researched for 15 years, 05 years affiliated to the university, 05 years with BBM correspondence course from Kuvempu University and 05 years with any degree from any university from 04 different colleges. Branded by Registry of Government of India.
  2. MFLHRD – A Composite Postgraduate Programme – the first semester was offered 119 times. The second semester 08 times. Third and fourth are yet to be offered. Yet to be branded by Registry of Government of India.
  3. FEEL Programmes – Several of them like ‘FEEL Teacher’ (16,000 teachers covered from over 450 institutions), ‘FEEL Employable’ (86,000 students covered from 71 institutions, some of them continuously for two decades).
  4. Programmes like ‘Personality Development’ and ‘Leadership Development’, conducted several times in several institutions.
  5. Correspondence courses on HR, Leadership, Panetics, Communication, Personality Development and Leadership Development.


  1. Intellectual Property Bank with hundreds of units of training materials.
  2. Hundreds of Project Proposals and Project Completion Reports.
  3. Several reports of Action Research by both teachers and students.
  4. Discoveries of several interventions and studies.



  1. Business Proposal of Leadership Park of Fifty Great World Leaders to which people can visit as part of knowledge tourism. This could be replicated in different parts of the country as a business proposal.
  2. A Competence Development Centre for different types of professionals including political persons at the institution.


  1. During the two decades, CLHRD has collected course fee of a little more than eleven crores and spent the entire amount on action research on effectiveness of learning and development. The Intellectual Property Bank is worth several crores more. Any assessor will be able to do the measurements and tell us the worth of the IP Bank.

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