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  • Consultant for 'Roadmap to TQM and HRD' of the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Government of Karnataka.

  • ‘Roadmap to TQM and HRD’ initiated by the Commissionerate in 2002, has been progressing very well in enhancing the quality of teaching - learning processes and student -products during the last two years. It is proposed that during 2004 - 2005, institutional development should get the focus of attention. Towards this, the Commissionerate has directed all colleges to start a Quality Assurance Cell. The college will have to merge the existing HRD and TQM Cell with this Quality Assurance Cell.

  • CLHRD has trained one hundred and thirteen HR Facilitators for activities in all districts. These have been continuously supported and organised by CLHRD.

  • CLHRD provides intellectual property free of cost to the District Task Forces of the Roadmap to TQM and HRD.

  • CLHRD has conducted two-day training programmes on new methods of teaching in thirteen districts involving over one thousand nine hundred college lecturers from one hundred thirteen colleges.

  • CLHRD has published training manuals on behalf of the Commissionerate and NAAC, Bangalore and these manuals are being used by many of the colleges in the state.

  • CLHRD is a consultant for many educational institutions in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.  

  • CLHRD offers consultancy service through Programme Extension Centres (PEC).

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